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Do you want a TK-8 homeschool that is easy and fun?

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Hi, I’m Cathie...

I help make homeschool easier for the entire family.

If you're finding it hard to stay organized - if you want better ideas - or if you're new to homeschool...

I can transform your homeschool into a relaxed and inspiring learning environment.

You can definitely do this. I’m here to help.


The Homeschool Mentor Community!

Let's make homeschool easy!

Our community gives you the daily support to help make homeschool easy and fun for the entire family.

✔  A Private Online Community of homeschool families who are committed to supporting each other.

  Live Q & A Calls where we meet as a group and I answer all your homeschool questions.

  Live Drop-in Classes for the Kids in Art & Science.


Kind Words From Homeschool Moms I’ve Helped...

"I just started homeschooling my three boys, ages 11, 11, and 12 and Cathie has been amazing! She’s helped us put together a homeschool program that totally fits our family. She is so encouraging, supportive, helpful and super sweet!"  ~ Krystal

"We’re so grateful for Cathie's enthusiasm towards our children and their education. She's always there to help and give suggestions. Her priority is truly the welfare of our children. Thank you for your constant efforts towards our efforts! 😊~ Rosemary

Working with Cathie is amazing. She created an educational plan for each child that they love because Cathie first focused on their natural interests and grew it from there. She’s become a trusted resource and helped us become the homeschool family we always wanted to be. ~ Regina

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